Woman Finally Gets Her Man Under Control


After years of trying, Ashley Crawford of Portland, Oregon finally says she has her man under control… Ashley says, “He started with 7 good friends, now he’s down to 2… If this stays on the right track, I should have it to 0 before the end of next year.” Although studies have shown it’s healthy for a spouse to have some social life outside of marriage as well, Ashley disagrees. “He’s my man, my man alone, and that’s how it’s gonna be.” Her husband says, “I tried holding my ground, but that creates more chaos.. Then, I tried lying about hanging out with my friends, but she goes through my phone and she knows. Now, I’m in give-up mode. She wins.” Ashley says that even though her man is now clinically depressed due to isolation, she says it’s all worth it so she doesn’t have to ‘worry’ about him talking with other people. Ashley still regularly sees her friends.

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