Winning Country Music Formula Revealed


Many have suspected there is a secret formula to making money in country music after noticing similarities in many of the songs, but it’s never been confirmed until today. Terminally ill Nashville music producer Buc Bubba“Tex” McGraw has now revealed the secret checklist to the public. He says, “I’m headed to heaven soon, which I hope is just like Dixieland.. without the poverty and crime rates of course, so I may as well release the secret sauce.” Here’s the check list he said every song must have to be a hit.

The Get ‘er Done Formula to Number One Hits:

  • Mention Dirt Roads
  • Mention Cold Beer
  • Mention Sunday Church
  • Mention more Cold Beer
  • Mention Daisy Dukes
  • Mention Friday Night Football
  • Say “Girl, Girl, Girl” at least 8 times (That’s a total of at least 24 “Girls” )
  • Say the word “country” 10 times.. So the fans know for sure it’s a country song, and not that hip hop crap.
  • Find a city-boy or former pop artist and put a fish net cap on them to make them look country

McGraw says you can get away with leaving out 1 or 2 of these, but you MUST have the majority to be successful. “If this doesn’t work, write Christian songs.. Even if you’ve sung about beer and boobs for 30 years, they’ll still take you in. And, it’s actually really good money, believe it or not.”

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