Study Reveals Everyone Wants to Act Like a Dick

Everyone wants to act like a dick

In a recent study, anyone given enough money or who undergoes cosmetic surgery or weight loss to become good looking becomes a dick.. “It turns out people are only nice when they have to be, “ says Sarah Burman of the Dogs are Better than Humans Clinic, which studies why people are so F’ed up. “For example, a heavy person is simply not going to make fun of anyone, reason being that the other person can just call them ‘fatty pants’ and cut to their core. But, when you know you’re the ‘bees knees’ and have no exterior flaws, you can call people all sorts of names and make fun of them.. Interesting enough, it actually boots a person’s social status and makes them more likely to be voted Prom King or Homecoming Queen.” Further supporting the theory is that 95% of movie stars, musicians, and athletes are total dicks.

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