Rascist loses “White Card” after DNA test

Chemist hands holding test tubes, DNA helix model background

23andme.com reported an interesting story on it’s social page last week. Rodney Buckmaster of Huntingville, Alabamer has always considered himself “white as a Gulf of Mexico Pina Colada” and of “100 God damn percent English heritage.” … “It’s the best race, of course… The damn German Nazi’s are evil, the French are just plain pussies, the Native American’s got what they had comin’, and the blacks blame us for everything,” Rodney said from his bass fishing boat. But, after his daughter in law took his DNA and sent it to the lab to identify his heritage and any possible health issues, it came back showing him to be a mix of French, German, Native American, and Black. “Holy Goddamn, Catch a Bass by the tail.” Rodney, said. Of course, Rodney has hidden the results from this friends, and he remains a French, Black, German, Native American hater as a French, Black, German, Native American.

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