Naked and Afraid Star “Undiagnosed” with Condition


Reality TV star Sarah Jacobs from the hit show Naked and Afraid has always been “larger” or “thicker.” Same is the story for the majority of her family members.. “Our family has always been labeled, and we have always thought of ourselves as being ‘Big Boned.’ That’s why we’ve never bothered to lose weight.. Why try to lose weight if your bones are big, and you’re gonna look heavy no matter what?” But, after going on Naked and Afraid and having to eat small rations almost a month, Sarah has lost 40 pounds and is model-thin. “It turns out I’m not big boned at all! My humerus, radius, and femur bones are all skinnier than a wet rabbit’s foot after a summer rain storm. I never knew why I was larger until now.. In reality, I guess I was just eating too much, and my extra weight was indeed fat and not because of big bones. ” With this new information, Sarah says she is going to stop buying McDonald and KFC every night since it IS possible for the Jacobs family to lose weight.

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