Man wins Facebook argument


For the first time in history, a person has successfully won a Facebook argument.. The man is Alabama native John Hoskins. John says, “Normally, myself and the other ranting commenters go round-and-round but no one ever wins… Every time I say something, it makes them more entrenched in their stance.. When they say something to me, I get pissed and threaten to whip their ass, but no one ever wins the argument.” When asked why he argues when there’s such a minimal chance of winning, John says, “I do it for the thrill of confrontation.. Are you ever mad about life in general but don’t keep a punching bag in the garage? Nothing soothes the soul more than unleashing that anger on another person with an opposing view. It’s exhilarating.” Although John started his career 0 for 332 in online argument bouts, he always knew he’d eventually find victory. He found this in his match with Kathy of Sulpher Springs, Texas. She thought AR-15 human-slaying machines like the one used in the Orlando mass shooting should be illegal.. John thinks they should be totally legal and that they should be double-barreled, thus shooting two bullets at once. “I told Kathy, listen here you ##()@#. These AR-15’s should be completely legal. Let me give you a scenario…. You’re fast a sleep at 3am and 15 escaped convicts, 2 child molesters, and 4 raccoon try to come into your house at once. What are you gonna do? You need an AR 15 to blow them all away in a matter of seconds.” After reading John’s post, Kathy saw his logic and agreed. John tells us now that he has an online victory, he is going to spend even more time online instigating arguments in search of his second victory. John says, “I’m changing the world, one online squabble at a time.” John’s wife says, “I’d leave him, but his parents are very ill and are about to leave us a lot of money.”

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