“Lucky chair” theory being questioned


Since the dawn of modern sports, every die hard fan has always known there are certain things you can do to virtually guarantee a victory for your favorite team. There’s a laundry list of things a fan can do to ensure a win… A) Wear your favorite player’s jersey during the game, B) Yell at the TV at the highest decibel level possible during important plays, C) Don’t “Jinx” your team by saying out loud that “we’re gonna win,” and D) the most important way to help your team by far… Sit in your lucky chair… “Everyone knows, you can often skip A, B, an C, but you ALWAYS have to sit in your lucky chair!” says Dave of Sandusky Ohio. This is why Dave is so surprised that his Cincinnati Bengals lost while he was sitting in the chair… “Maybe I went to the bathroom too many times during the game, thus leaving the seat empty. Maybe my wife should have sat in for me during those moments.. But, she’s bad luck for the team, so I have no clue.” Despite organized studies that show sitting in a lucky chair during the game has no effect, Dave refuses to listen to the data. “Numbers shumbers,.. That means nothing to me. They can do all the research they want on this, but my lucky chair is my lucky chair.” Although Dave’s team is now 1 for the last 7 while he sits in this lucky chair, he’s still not giving up. “I’ve got a new system I’m putting in place next week so that I don’t have to leave the chair,” he says. “I’m gonna pee in a cup during the game, and I’ve trained my dog to get my beers from the fridge… So, the Bengals probably won’t ever lose a game again.” John is still unemployed but remains confident that best thing that could ever happen to him is the Bengals winning the Superbowl.

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