Hit Show “The View” Takes New Approach


Hit TV show “The View,” which airs daily and features Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar and some other interchangeable pieces who get traded out when Whoopi goes sour on them, has ratings number going through the roof.. When Whoopi was asked of the secret, she says. “Other shows all have experts.. Political people talking about politics, sports people talking about sports, etc. We go the other rout. We aren’t experts in anything, but we have an opinion on everything. It’s revolutionary.” While a specialized commentator may study for hours on a subject before speaking on it, the round-table members on The View don’t do any studying…just going on pure gut and instinct instead. “We just show up, blab about whatever they put in front of us, and go home! I think the people of America want uneducated, meandering opinions, and that’s what we’re giving them. That’s what makes us so successful…. and they listen because I was on the movie, Ghost… People love that movie!”

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