Latina women; independent, fierce


In honor of Hispanic Heritage month, we decided to write about Latina women; we are independent, fierce and don’t take attitude from anyone. If you’ve never known a Latina, here a few tips to prepare you.
1. Contrary to popular belief, not all of us cook. However, if you’re lucky enough to find one that does, you better put a ring on that fast! There’s something to be said about coming home to the smell of warm tamales and fresh tortillas.
2. Be prepared for the attitude. You’ve never seen anger until you piss off a Latina. Their death stares are almost strong enough to kill.
3. Most Latinas come from large families. Get ready to meet more tias tios and primos than you ever thought possible.
4. If you don’t speak Spanish, you better learn. We won’t hesitate to speak about you, or even to you, and really don’t care whether or not you know what we’re saying.
5. Beware of the chancla! Any time you hear that word, you better run. Chances are she was taught a thing or two back in the day with a chancla and wouldn’t mind passing on her knowledge.

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