What Happens When you Throw Away your iPhone?

  1. Withdrawal occurs during the first 6 days… This includes hallucinations, anxiety, and depression. If you can get through this part, you’re off to the races!
  2. The entertainment value of your city suddenly matters… Because you had been spending 90% of your time buried in your phone, you had failed to notice or even care where the hell you lived!
  3. You have an excuse not to have to call grandma once a month.
  4. The fatty ‘flat tire’ around your belly begins to loosen up as you lose weight and become more active.
  5. You start working again rather than cruising facebook all day.
  6. You do the dishes more than once a month!
  7. Old people suddenly like you.. Because there’s nothing they hate more than kids with their heads burred in their phone!
  8. You don’t get run over a car while playing Pokemon Go!!!!
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