Gay Rehab Center Turns Gay Boy Straight


Pastor Bill McLary of Oakmont Christian Church says, “We all hate the gays… This is where the Methodists and Baptists can actually come together,” says . “Well, let me tweak that for political correctness.. We hate the sin, not the person,” says Pastor Bill. One of his largest and favorite tithers Phil has a son named Chris (prefers to be called Christopher), a “formerly-gay” 14 year-old who has always dressed like a girl, acted like a girl, and hung out with girls. Phil, a former football star in town, was previously embarrassed by his son. “It’s not all about what Chris wants.. He’s just a kid still living in my house. He’s embarrassing me… I mean, I got a name in this town.. a reputation to uphold.” After 4 months of treatment at the Don’t Be So Gay Center, which includes making patients read the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition 5 times a day, chopping wood, and playing sports, Christopher’s parents and his pastor believe he is now straight and are calling the mission a total success. In a private interview with Christopher, he revealed he still wears girl clothes in private and is secretly dating Jonathon, another kid he met in the rehab clinic.

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