Dually Pickup Sales On the Rise


The new enormous Chevrolet Dually 6-wheeled pickup (Price tag $80,000) has hit record sales this year, and in an interview with CNBC, Chevrolet Executive Tom Reynolds explained why. “We did it all through Facebook target advertising…. We actually target men with what one might call ‘short-man syndrome’ or who have ‘confidence deficiency issues.’  It’s a breakthrough for our marketing department. Our team of psychologists really helped us nail down the market here. It turns out that farmers and ranchers only need 4 wheel vehicles, so our vehicle is useless to them, and that’s who we had been marketing to.. These extra 2 back wheels are really just for men to show off or overcompensate for A) short stature, B) Small Penis, or C) A variety of other confidence issues. We’re actually targeting the same people as Remington Rifles. ” When asked if they target higher income people who can afford the vehicle, Mr. Reynolds explained, “Hell no.. Income doesn’t matter on this one. They’ll spend any amount to feel dominant and powerful over other drivers, and that’s what we provide.” Due to the dually pickup sales this year, many cities are considering widening the highways since too many “pussy sedans” in the adjoining lanes are getting side swiped by the extra wheels and wide mirrors on the duelly trucks.

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