Amidst a World Class Match Up, the Top 4 Reasons We Love, Or Should Love, Soccer



As an exciting match between O. Lyonnais and Juventus prepares to go down, here we talk about some of the reasons we love, or should love, soccer.
1) It lets us be passionate. Other than American football, what other sport allows us to dress up in costume, cover our face and bodies in crazy makeup and wear wild outfits? Soccer fans around the world are known for their passion for this sport and Americans are slowly catching that same fever.
2) We can openly admire the fitness and physiques of the soccer players. David Beckham? Cristiano Ronaldo? Arguably two of the most famous soccer players in the world who are also known for their fantastic bodies. Who can blame them for using their fit bodies to “score” lucrative sponsorships and modeling deals?
3) Everyone loves a little drama. I’ll admit I sometimes tune in to a match to see what kind of shenanigans will occur on the field. There is so much emotion and so much at stake for these professionals and all of that drama and emotion is on the field for everyone to see.
4) The World Cup. Football has the Super Bowl, baseball has the World Series – every sport has their ultimate pinnacle of success and soccer is no exception. The World Cup is fascinating to watch as the host country puts on a show and welcomes thousands of spectators to their massively beautiful stadiums.
World Cup ratings on ESPN are steadily on the rise as Americans are slowly coming around to see what a fantastically fun sport soccer can be – both to watch and engage in.

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